About My Croak File

Happier endings; we all want one.  “My Croak File” helps you to design your dying – and get a happier ending  –before you ‘croak’?   

We live in a culture which tends to deny that death is a really natural part of every life.   We skirt the subject, pretending we will live forever.  Yet the truth is that we could be hit by a bus tomorrow, die from the covids next week, or have cancer invade our bodies in four decades. 

We don’t know how we will die, or when ~ but dying?  We all do it.  So let’s do it better!

Lynn Sherwood is a former ER and PCU nurse, and has helped patients, family members and friends get happier endings over two decades.  

When Lynn’s daughter, Lauren, was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 25, she asked Lynn to come help. Her request wasn’t only to be Lauren’s medical liaison, but to help her really LIVE before she died.

Lauren wanted people to care for her body in certain ways if she couldn’t make medical decisions for herself.  She wanted certain scents in the house, and to make memories with her 3 year-old daughter.  She needed to be sure her husband could access their bank account, and that her sister knew that she loved her.

The “My Croak File” was born in one mother’s effort to make life, before and after her daughter died.

With humor and candor, Lynn, Lauren and their family were often able to find out what things would make Lauren’s life better before she ‘croaked,’ and in the process, the people that loved Lauren got the gift of being able to provide those things for her….

“My Croak File” will guide you to be able to get more of what you want before you die AND it will help remove the burdens of decision making and regrets for your family:

            Who will make medical decisions for you if you cannot?

            Would the scent of vanilla candles thrill you – or make you puke

            Do you really want that feeding tube?  Or not…?

            Who has a key to your safe deposit box?  (Oh, grandma, you have a safe deposit box??)

            Where can your daughter find your life insurance policy?

            Will your grandson actually get that favorite book that you want him to have?


Not talking about dying doesn’t make dying not happen.

Get your “My Croak file” today and start talking about living and dying today, before you “croak,” and create the possibility of having a happier ending.