So, Lynn created My Croak File!

“My Croak File” helps people decide the health care they really want, have the hard conversations ~ and then get on with the business of living!

My Croak File by Lynn Sherwood

More about Lynn Sherwood?

Lynn is a mom, grandma (actually Mimi), wife, entrepreneur, extended ELR markswoman, defensive pistol instructor, nurse, philosopher and friend.

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We help you with the dying process, death planning and death prep, and walks you through how to make a checklist for when you croak. Design your dying for Happier Endings, as heard on TEDx at TEDx Dupree Park.

Lynn Sherwood advocates communication, not just for aging and elderly, but for everyone. From the legal aspects of dying like an Advance Directive and Health Care Power of Attorney to the financial aspects like preparing a will or living trust, improving end of life relationships and making final wishes known is important. Dying – Let’s do it better to help those you love deal with their grief.